Corporate Governance Advisory

At Xestion, we approach Corporate Governance with a “Portfolio-View” and work towards imbibing the same into Business Operations to ensure relatively “Risk-Free Value Addition” for our Client.

As companies eye for global access to capital markets, many are finding that the ability to benchmark against world-class organizations is essential. Trends in public policy, shareholder powers and activism, place increasingly complex interlinked demands for transparency and accountability from corporate board structures and functions.

Corporate Governance refers to the rules, processes, or laws by which businesses are operated, regulated, and controlled. The term can refer to internal factors defined by the officers, stockholders or constitution of a corporation, as well as to external forces such as customer groups, clients and government regulations. Lapse in Corporate Governance, coupled with lack of clarity in regulation can result in significant increase in number of corporate exits.

Effective corporate governance systems promote the development of strong financial systems. We focus on creating better management, fewer ethical or legal problems and assist in boosting the company's reputation. Reviewing these structures can help in gaining investor confidence and counter increasing shareholder activism.

Risk Assessment

Internal and External threats constantly develop, presenting new hazards to the organisation and increased regulatory requirements have forced businesses to expand significant resources to assess these risks. To navigate in the fast evolving risk landscape, organisations need to work on a two- pronged approach, focussed on strengthening their current risk management programme and building risk resilience.

We identify and analyse relevant risks to the achievement of an organization's objectives and determine how those risks should be managed. Organisations today will have to look beyond their traditional approaches of risk management and start building risk resilience into their systems in order to either anticipate and respond to or absorb and rebound from the high impact events. We strive to provide a mechanism for identifying which risks represent opportunities and which represent pitfalls.

Internal Audit

Organisations aim to protect against both current and emerging risks. With the advent of new technology comes new risks. Growth of an organisation also makes it prone to various risks. Conducting internal audits, identifying and implementing the internal controls across the organisation keeps the management informed about the current and other rising risks.

At Xestion, we follow the illustrative thought process:

Legal & Regulatory Advisory

Our approach to legal and regulatory services supports our clients to maintain legal compliances within the organisation. We help in :

Compliance risk assessment
Contract drafting and analysis
Compliance Review
Legal Due Diligence
Legal process improvements
Companies Act 2013

Tax Compliance and Advisory

The Indian Tax Code proposes several drastic changes to the levy of income tax, including some major changes in respect of transfer pricing provisions. Most Companies would need to plan their activities to meet the challenges arising out of the introduction of these changes. They might find it extremely difficult to comprehend the various laws and rules, related to service tax, central excise duty, customs, VAT, DGFT, FEMA, etc. and to keep track of the day to day changes that are happening in this area.

We at Xestion help our clients with their tax planning and compliance issues; help analyze and interpret tax policy and advice on how to grow and preserve their reputation.

IT Security Advisory

Cyber threats are inevitable in today’s connected world. Corporate response to a cyber threat be consistent, planned, practiced and fast. Technology will continue to add complexity and drive the security needs of the IT infrastructure as well as protection of information assets.

Our IT Security Advisory services offer organizations the management experience and technical expertise required to address all aspects of a successful information security program.


According to the Companies Act 2013, Key Managerial Personnel are the employees of a company who hold key positions in the company and greater responsibility of overall functioning of the company including the duty to protect the interest of all stakeholders.

The concept of Key Managerial Personnel not only covers the traditional role of Managing Director but also includes some functional figure heads like Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer etc. These inclusions are in line with the global trends. Company Secretary has also been brought within the ambit of Key Managerial Personnel giving them recognition in the company. This concept also combines the important management roles as a team or a cluster rather than as independent individuals performing their duties in isolation to others.

Fraud Risk Advisory

With growth of the organisation, corporate frauds and scandals also make way unless the preventive measure are implemented throughout the organisation.

Fraud Risk Advisory is a proactive approach towards identification and assessment of fraudulent practices that might be occurring in the organisation. It aims at preventing and detecting fraud before their inception. Its main objective is to increase and enhance risk intelligence capabilities, to know the fraud and misconduct risks faced by the organisation and to implement appropriate internal controls to treat the identified as well as unidentified risks.

We at Xestion ensure that our clients have appropriate fraud and corruption prevention policies in place; are fully aware of the current and future risk areas.


Sarbanese-Oxley Act 2002 (SOX) was developed by US government, passed on July 30, 2002, in response to Enron, Worldcom, Tyco International and other high profile corporate scandals. It was incepted with the goal of protecting investors by improving the transparency and accuracy in corporate governance. Publicly held American companies, international companies which are registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and any accounting firm that provides financial services to these organisation are covered under SOX.

The act includes sections for audit committees, management and auditors for establishing complaint procedures, evaluate company’s internal controls, adherence of finance officers to company’s code of ethics, implementing whistleblow mechanism etc.

Xestion helps in auditing the SOX compliance to check the internal controls dictated by the act. SOX audits are separate from internal audits.

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