The most successful transactions are built by the efficient coordination of knowledgeable resources in tight timeframes – all the while maximizing value and minimizing risk. Xestion ringfences the complete Transaction Landscape covering Financial, Taxation, Legal, Regulatory, Human Resources and Technology aspects to provide a “One-Stop” Solution for Clients. Xestion provides a wide range of valuation and business analytic services and helps the client to identify risks in transactions, so that they can make informed decisions. Xestion also identifies potential integration problems and helps develop integration plans. Our Transaction Advisory Team helps in assessing and analyzing proposed transactions, and supports the client across the full spectrum of merger and acquisition engagements. As part of our Transaction Advisory Services, Xestion also undertakes Organogram Redesigning & Alignment based on the overall Restructuring Strategy.


Fund-raising means creating long-term relationships with people or organizations interested in your organization , and letting them invest in it. Successful campaigns and development initiatives achieve immediate goals, as well as enhance the mission, image, and strength of the organization for lasting sustainability. We help our clients achieve sustainable growth through a range of strategic funding strategies, be it at the incubation stage, acceleration stage, consolidation stage or at the stage of exit. We support and handhold the entire transaction based on the mandate given to us and ensure logical conclusion of the same. We support in raising capital through debt as well as equity. We identify potentially suitable investor(s) for our clients after understanding their needs and also support them in preparation of Business Plans, Information Memorandum, Valuation, Internal Due Diligence, Drafting of Shareholders Agreement and other documentation support.


In today’s world, along with increasing focus on globalization and liberalization, there is free competition amongst businesses. Business Restructuring helps to identify the opportunities. It is a process by which a business organization alters its present structure in order to create a new structure in place of its existing one.
Xestion’s Business Restructuring services help a company to eliminate financial harm and improve the business ensuring optimization of resources.


Support services are vital for the success of any new business since few Start-ups can afford to do everything by itself. The main challenges Start-ups face are a lack of capacity and knowledge of management, sales and finance, difficulties with access to finance, lack of professional networks, innovation and market knowledge.
Our team helps in providing the organisation with coping skills so that your start-up can be more manageable and help the entrepreneur organise and manage finances, human resources, marketing and taxation.